We carried out a Refurbishment Project in Runcorn, during the summer of 2015
The pictures below show the condition of the Building as we found it.

We replaced the Sectional Doors, the Grilles, the Security Exit Doors, Fitted Perforated Roller Shutters over the Doorways and carried out repairs to the cladding, removed & replaced Barriers.

We Replaced the Main Sectional Door, Steel clad the facia & Replaced the Emergency Exit Door.

The hinged security door with push pad and lockable outside handle

Perforated Security Shutter 

High Spec Security Grilles fitted over the windows all around the perimeter
of the Building.

High Spec Security Grilles, custom fitted to enhance the looks of the Building. The outer frames finished in a light grey and the perforated sheet finished in dark grey

The rear yard gates required refurbishment, and we fabricated the small gate and handrail. The handrail was fitted in order to straighten up the loose gate post. Finally we fitted shootbolts and floor bolts complete with plate protectors to reduce the risk of vandalism.

We cleared away all dissused steel barriers and wall brackets etc. We then replaced the barriers as requested by the client.

Heading 2

The inside of the building was painted and refurbished, as you can see this is the inside view of our doors and where we fitted more barriers

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